Information For Parents

We’re looking redefine expectations of what team and individual photos should look like and create photos that you’re proud to display. The days of “kneel in the grass” photos and bad lighting are over!

Our photo days are quick and painless, members and parents can actually enjoy them! So support your club by taking part in this fundraiser and take home photos that become true family memories..

Check out our tips for photo day below.

Welcome to 21st century photography! A great way to raise funds which the players and parents love!” – Anthony Huddart, Chairman of Leam Rangers

Getting Ready for Photo Day

We want you to be ready for your photo so we have put together some tips to help you prepare.

  1. If you’re in more than one group or you have siblings in another group, come to one time slot, we’ll take all of your photos there & then to save you time.
  2. Make sure to bring a cleaned kit or outfit. If your team / group wear more than one jersey, check with your manager about which one to wear.
  3. Try to arrive 10 minutes early to make sure everything is in check.
  4. Most importantly, come ready to have a great time!

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ.