Information for Chairman and Secretaries or Owners

Go Beyond Photo Day

By forming partnerships within the youth sports arena, the work that we do goes beyond photo day. Working as a strategic partner with club owners, we create a revenue source and marketing avenue for clubs in addition to amazing photographs.

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Rob Nixon with the Whitley Bay Boys Club Canvas

A very professional company, which delivered everything they said they would. We look forward to using them again in 2016” – Rob Nixon, Chairman of Whitley Bay Boys Club

The canvas came today and it looks fantastic, thanks very much for that, it’s much appreciated. Hopefully we will get some positive news from the council regarding our plans for land and clubhouse and it will take pride of place – Mick Trainer, Secretary of Washington United FC

Communication is Key

Communication is key to a smooth, no hassle Photo Day. It’s very important that club members know:

  • Who Club Legends are and what we offer
  • Know we are supported by the club
  • Understand the fundraiser
  • Know what is expected of them
  • Photo shoot times are scheduled correctly
  • They receive access codes to view photos at the web shop

We provide a step-by-step guide for Clubs to follow which ensures great communication and a no hassle photo day for club members.

Typical Schedule

Below is a typical schedule of the correspondence we recommend and the mandatory items we will need from you prior to your photo day.

8 to 6 Weeks before Photo Day

Arrange with your club representative a date for Photo Day, where the whole club can attend. The club will then inform all managers of the date so they can let the parents know.

6 Weeks before Photo Day

Have all Team sheets (this will be in the form of an excel spreadsheet) sent to managers. We will also send links to Club Legends website, which is to be forwarded onto parents.

4 Weeks before Picture Day

Get all completed team sheets back from managers, including all parents phone numbers and e mail addresses and begin to schedule your clubs photo day dates and times.

3 Weeks Before Picture Day

We will agree on completed photo day schedules. It is very important that this schedule gets distributed to all parents at this time –

2 Weeks Before Photo Day

We will start a countdown to photo day via email/text message with the parents of club members.

1 Week Before Photo Day

You are nearly there. At this point we will have a Club Legends representative text and e mail all managers for final confirmation on attendance. We will also contact parents to give them their final scheduling confirmation of photo day, along with links to our website or social media channels.

Exceptional Quality

We pride ourselves on pushing the sports photography industry forward, where we have developed proprietary systems that allow us to excel. We have partnered with skilled photographers and designers to insure your photos stand out, because it is just as important for your members’ photos to be an additional marketing outlet for your club as it is something that parents and members enjoy.

We under promise and over deliver, and never leave a club unsatisfied.

Customer Support

We make sure that we don’t swoop in and take your members money and leave you cleaning up the mess. We are fully staffed to make sure we can answer and of your members questions and fix any mistakes or problems that may arise. We stand behind our work and our process and that means fewer headaches in the long run. You can rest assured that you’re members will be well taken care of and we won’t allow photography issues to become your issues.