Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I arrive for my team’s scheduled photo day?

We recommend all members show up 15 minutes prior to their team’s scheduled photo time. Be sure to have your uniform on and be ready for your scheduled photo time.

How long will you wait on a late player?

If a player arrives late we will make sure they are photographed, however they may have to wait until we have finished photographing the shcheduled team.

What if I cannot make it to my team’s scheduled photo time?

We want you to have a fun experience with your teammates so we highly recommend you do come during your teams allotted time slot, however, if for some reason you’re unable to get in touch with us and arrange to come along during another time slot to be photographed.

What method of payments do you accept?

All payments will be made on our website We accept debit / credit card (Visa, Mastercard) & Paypal.

Do I have to pay for my photos on photo day?

No payment is required, you will only pay for your images once you have viewed them on the website.

I heard your team photos are different. How so?

Our system is very different than traditional sports photography systems. Instead of the traditional bleacher or kneel in the grass style team photograph all members are photographed separately for their team photo and then the team image is “composited” together. This means we will take each members team image and then build the group image later on the computer. Your child will take one individual image (this photo is what goes onto our exciting designs); one team image (this photo is used in the team composite only).

When will I get my photos?

Club Legends strives to provide you the best possible images with a great turn around time. You will receive your order and products order within 2-3 weeks from your photo day.

Can I see my photos before I make my order?

Yes, but due to the speed in which we need to work to get everyone through the line, this is not possible on the photo day. However you will be able to view them online once we have sent you your unique log in code, about 1 week after photo day.

What if there is something wrong or missing in my order?

From time to time mistakes will happen with orders. If for any reason there is an issue with your order or something is missing we will fix it or replace any issues.

What if I want to order more items after I receive my images?

Once your images have been uploaded to our website, as long as you have your unique log in code you can purchase at any time.
Please note that for free delivery to your team manager you will have a window of up to 2 weeks from the point you receive your unique login code. These times may vary depending on the time of year.
You can also always order more products by simply calling us on 0191 280 5607 and we will be more than happy to help you with any order additions.

What specifics should I know regarding online ordering?

You will be sent a link via SMS or E Mail along with a unique ID code, so you can go and purchase your images on our website.

The unique ID code is your personal login to view your images from anywhere at any time, before the cut off date.

When in our web shop you can choose if you would like to order a package or individual products.

Once you have chosen your package or product, you will then be able to DRAG AND DROP any of your images onto the chosen product.