About Us

Creating Something New & Exciting

For years team and individual photos have not been taken to the level they require so they are enjoyed by the parent and members. We at Club Legends are parents of members ourselves and feel it is time for a change. We utilize modern technology to not only make amazing photographs but also make it an efficient and fun experience. Please read on to learn why Club Legends should be your choice for team / school and individual photos!

Cool Products & Custom made templates

Your photos can now be displayed on many new exciting graphic composites. We are certain you will find a way to display your photos!
All team images, individual images and other products are custom tailored to each club’s / schools colours and logo.

Fun and Freedom

Relaxed poses along with our custom built composites for each team the makes the photo day fun and fluid. No more stagnant, stand straight up images.


Using our proprietary photography system we will ensure photo day takes no time at all. Our system is set up to take up to two pictures of each member. We spend on average one minute with each member and because the team photographs are put together in the computer off site there is no need to stand around and wait for the team photo to be taken. Once you have gone through the line and had your photo taken you are free to leave, that is as long as it is ok with your manager of course.

Image Quality

Raining? Too sunny? Too cloudy? No problem! We take all of your photos indoors on most occasions. Our professional lighting and skilled photographers will ensure each member is properly posed and lighted in their team and individual picture.